Professors and teachers of the department have established contacts with a number of scientific centers of our republic and abroad. Scientific research is carried out and taught in cooperation with professors of the International Agricultural Training Center MASHAV in Israel, Moscow University of Land Management, Finnish University JAMK, Latvian University of Natural Sciences and Technology, Lithuanian Agricultural Academy, Karshi Institute of Engineering and Economics. - methodical complexes are created. Research work is carried out jointly with the Cadastral Agency, “Uzdavyerloyikha” SRPI and the State Cadastral Chamber. As a result of cooperation, students undergo qualification and industrial practice at industrial enterprises, scientific articles, manuals and doctoral dissertations are prepared. The department carries out all its activities in constant cooperation with departments close to the field in a number of higher educational institutions of our republic, state agencies, large scientific planning organizations, because as a producing department, "Cadastre (by types of activities)" that ensures the stability of the economy, social life and the use of resources in the networks of our country. bachelors in education, preparing. In particular, the admission to this educational field began in 2020, and in the 2023/2024 academic year, 47 bachelors of the "Cadastre" educational field will graduate from the department. In total, more than 150 bachelors are being trained at the department. In the preparation of the above-mentioned personnel, we have been continuously cooperating with the personnel orderers, the "Cadastre Agency" and its regional offices, the Chamber of State Cadastres, its regional offices and district departments, "Uzdaverloyikha" State Scientific Design Institute and its branches. Students who graduated from the department are expected to work in these organizations. Higher level students of the "Cadastre (by types of activity)" educational direction have their production and pre-graduation internships in these enterprises. In this regard, relevant agreements have been agreed with them. In addition, a number of students are learning to work in these organizations in their free time from classes in order to improve their skills in production. In addition, professors and teachers of the department regularly visit these enterprises as 1- or 2-week internships in order to improve their practical skills, and get acquainted with the work being done in production. For this, 5-year mutual cooperation agreements were signed with the department and "Cadastre Agency", State Cadastre Chamber, as well as "Uzdaverloyiha" State scientific design institutes. The department has established cooperation relations with higher educational institutions in foreign countries. The department has cooperative relations with the department of the Karshi Institute of Economic Engineering, and with the departments of the Samarkand State University of Architecture and Construction.

Cooperation relations of the department

Partner organizations

The essence of cooperation


Moscow State Land Engineering University

Internship of professors and teachers, professional development, training of scientific personnel


Obuda University (Hungary)

Basic doctoral studies, internships, professional development


University of Salzburg, Austria (Austria)

Master's degree, master's internship, professional development


“Uzdaverloyiha” DILI

Production practice, pre-graduation practice, joint scientific research work


Cadastre Agency under the Ministry of Economy and Finance

Production practice, pre-graduation practice, joint scientific research work


Chamber of State Cadastres

Production practice, pre-graduation practice, joint scientific research work