In 2019 - 2020 academic year at the department is being conducted a scientific research on the theme «Studying the changes of processes of anthropogenic factors in the system of «air-soil-plant» in irrigative lands.

The objective of the scientific work:

Determination of the causes of salinization in the Zarafshan and working out scientifically based recommendations on agriculture and effective use of this area. Planned scientific research is based on a systematic approach to analysis.

The investigation is devoted to the problem of low yield and drying of trees as a result of exposure to harmful atmospheric and ornamental trees.

The object of scientific research is to study the effect of harmful substances on ornamental and fruit trees in Tashkent, based on sowing some ornamental and fruit trees in cities or replacing some with other trees. Planned research work is based on system analysis, phenological monitoring, comparison and analysis.

1. Monitoring and analysis of the results of irrigated soils with the duration of irrigation.

2. Transformation of saline soils for many years.

3. Determination of changes in the chemical properties of soils.

4. Change in mineralogical properties of shrinkage soils under the influence of irrigation duration.