Teaching subjects in department

The Subjects



Fundamentals of state cadastres

The formation of state cadastres and their role in reforms in the development of the state are studied.


Land cadastre

State registration of rights to land plots, quantity, quality and normative evaluation works are studied.


State urban planning cadastre

Issues such as creating conditions for improving the living culture of the population, justifying agricultural production and the methods of organizing the territory in accordance with it, determining the optimal size and composition of land, choosing the priority directions of their development, and determining ways to increase their efficiency are studied.


State cadastres database

State cadastres the only one system to the composition of incoming 20 cadastres belongs to ministry and organizations by present to be done must the information  formation and digital data _ base formation their work teaches


Digital land cadastre

It teaches how to carry out state registration of rights to land plots, organization of quantitative, qualitative and normative assessment works and how to use digital technologies in their implementation.


Legal maintenance of state cadastres

It teaches the legal basis of 20 cadastres that are part of the unified system of state cadastres.


Cadastre of territories

To organize the cadastre of territories, to maintain it on the basis of a single methodology, to bring cadastral data into a single system, to be able to perform the service system and tasks of the state cadastre, to ensure interdependence and sequence in the maintenance of cadastral lines, natural resources and teaches the methods of keeping linear type cadastres.


State cadastre of buildings and structures

Teaches the work of state registration of rights to buildings and structures.


State forest cadastre

Teaches knowledge about forest cadastre objects, their geographical situation, legal status, quantitative and qualitative descriptions, and economic value.


Organization of cadastral works

Organization and management of the creation and maintenance of state cadastres, history of the development of cadastral work, experiences of foreign countries in the creation and maintenance of state cadastres, experiences of foreign countries in the creation and maintenance of state cadastres in the Republic of Uzbekistan, organization of the creation and maintenance of state cadastres in the Republic of Uzbekistan learns.


Land monitoring

It teaches the system of continuous monitoring of the state of the land fund, the study and analysis of negative processes that have occurred on the land, the method of their ecological, social and economic evaluation, the forecasting of negative processes, the development of measures to eliminate their consequences.

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Maintenance of duty cadastral maps

Preparation of maps in electronic and paper form on a scale that allows to show the boundaries of all land plots with sufficient accuracy, and then to regularly enter the composition of the owners, users, tenants and owners of land plots, as well as changes in the boundaries into the map.


GIS in the cadastre

Perfect knowledge of the laws and regulations of cadastre work, the equipment used in it, conventional signs, and special softwars in computer technology (such as Auto Cad, Arc GIS) will be taught.


Registration of cadastral objects

It studies the general registration of ownership of land plots and other immovable properties, with information on the number and value of those firmly attached to the land.


Computer graphics in cadastral works

In the management of state cadastres, the plan studies the methods of working with cartographic products and their creation on the basis of software