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Foundations of state cadastres

It studies a legal foundations of 21 cadasters, which are included in an unified system of state cadastre.


State cadastres

It studies the complex study of natural resources, objects, areas are available on territory of the Republic, on the  basis of a single method to collect necessary information about their legal status, properties, quantities  and bringing them into a single system.


Land registry

It studies such things as: introduction to the state list of land rights, estimation of norms, quantity and quality.


State cadastre of buildings and installations

It studies the introduction to the state list of building rights and objects.


Cadaster of natural resources

The subject  “Cadaster of natural resources” is directed to the study of natural economic potentials of state, such as land, water and other sources.


Computer graphics in land management

It studies  special computer technologies, using such programs as AutoCad, ArcGIS and learning all the rules and laws of land management.


Engineering equipments of territories

For the effective use of land, it is required the study of projecting, construction of local roads, including water supply, projecting and construction of irrigation.


Cadastre Cartography - Geodesy

It is directed to the practical and methodical study of geodetic and objects of  cartography  cadastre on territory of Uzbekistan, their information, work of topography and cartography also it studies the ways of renovation of information on their measures and qualities.


Land cadastre and land monitoring

It studies the introduction to the land cadastre and land monitoring effects of economic laws, in terms of economic reforms, efficient use of land and property base of the country.


Management of Land resources

It is directed to the concepts of land management, practical and scientific skills  on the  management of land use.


Territorial cadastre

It studies the territorial cadastres on the basis of a single method, forming a unified system of cadastral information, system of services of the state cadasters and buildings.


Land Monitoring


It studies a system of monitoring the fund of land conditions, negative processes occurred on earth, the analysis, evaluation and development.


State urban cadaster

It studies the problems of improving the living standards, creation of methods of industry  in agriculture and installation of optimal sizes  and constitution  of earth, the direction of their development, studying the ways of efficiency.


Land information system


Teaches theoretical and practical application of geographic information systems and programs in the field of geodesy and cartography, land management and land cadastre, use and management of land resources.


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Geographic information systems for land management

The geographic information system includes a system of communication between people in land management, structure and use of land, and, in turn, transfer and processing.