60722600 - "Geodesy and geoinformatics"

60722600 - "Geodesy and geoinformatics" - professional bachelor's activity in the direction of bachelor's studies: objects of the Earth and planets, the Sun and natural objects of the Earth and planets, including monitoring and managing their use and condition, including geodetic, corrosive and cadastral works to control the accessibility of land within cities and settlements; use of geodetic, cartographic and cadastral data for geographic information systems, use and technical support of project technical documentation.

60810600 - "Land management and land cadastre"

60810600 - "Land management and land cadastre" - bachelor’s degree in professional field: distribution of land resources used in various sectors of the economy, their distribution of land fund, land use and land ownership, legal status, quantity and quality of land use, control over use and control over the use of real estate, including land within the boundaries of cities and towns, their legal status, the state registration-governmental, to monitor its use; cadastral information systems; technical documentation of the project.

60722800- "Cadastre (State Cadastre of Territories)" 60722800- "Cadastre (State Cadastre of Territories)" Brief description of the field of study Description: This is carried out on the basis of the curriculum and subject program of higher education, which prepares bachelors in this field of study. qualification (degree) and an official state document (s) on higher education. Also in the process of collecting, systematizing, analyzing, grouping cadastral information on the basis of electronic software, digital maps and innovative technologies, monitoring their authenticity and delivery to consumers
60722700- "Innovative technologies in remote sensing of the Earth" 60722700- "Innovative technologies in remote sensing of the Earth" - a field in science and technology, in determining the shape and size of the Earth and planets, in determining the surface and depth of the Earth on the basis of special measurements in remote sensing, construction and operation of buildings, maps and plans in our country remote sensing in the application of remote sensing methods and the construction of cartographic and geographic information systems, as a model of the earth for scientific and practical purposes, covers a complex set of issues related to methods and techniques of human activity.