The department cooperates with  branches in several higher educational institutionof the Republic of Uzbekistan, state legislative bodies and research organizations.At the department are being prepared  thestudents of  bachelor degree in the field of "Land use and land cadastre", also the students of master`s degree in the field of "Use of land resources". In  2016/2017 academic year, 102 bachelor`s degree students in the field of "Land use and land cadastre" and 6 master`s degree students  in the sphere of "Management of using land resources" were trained.

    In the preparation of bachelors the department cooperates with the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Yergeodezkadastr" and its regional offices, Republican Scientific-Projecting Institute «Uzdaverloyiha” and its regional branches, state unitary enterprise «Geoinformakadastr». All graduates of the department are currently working in these enterprises. The 3rd and 4th  year students of "Land use and land cadastre" department are trained in the practice in these organizations. In addition, teachers of the department regularly visit these enterprises 1 or 2 weeks of internships to improve their practical skills, and regularly get acquaintance with the work of this industry. The department had an agreement for 5 years about cooperation with the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Yergeodezkadastr", Scientific-projecting institute "Uzdaverloyiha", State unitary enterprise "Geoinformkadastr".

The department also cooperates with higher educational institutions of foreign countries. In particular, the department cooperates with Moscow state university of Land use. The teachers of the department A.Chertovitsky, S.Avezboev and docent A.Babajanov studied at the university and successfully defended their doctorate there.  The department has a close cooperation with  department of Karshi Economic Engineering institute and branch of the Samarkand State Architecture and Building institute.