By the plan of the department were organized seminars. The seminars are conducted on Fridays at 15.00. Room-108. Building-5.


1. The main factors of soil formation

2. Basic indicators of soil fertility

3. Waterformsandtypes

4. Effect of salts on soil and plant

5. Water and wind erosion, their nature, the causes of their occurrence

6. Importanceofwater

7. Componentsofgerminatingagriculture

8. Organic and mineral fertilizers used on soils

9. Soil Moisture and Soil Fertility

10. The main factors of soil formation

11. AgriculturalBiotechnology

12. The use of molecular genetics, genetic codes and biological achievements in it

13. Properties of genes, hereditary laws. Concepts in the plasma and vector vectors.

14.Perspectives and peculiarities of technology

15. Use of rhizobacteria and their digestion

16. Use of biotechnology achievements in industry

17. EnvironmentalBiotechnology