The department has scientific cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Institute of Mathematics. Partnership circles- scientific seminars.

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Ukraine. The department has been cooperating with the Kharkov National Technical University and educational department. Cooperation on working out plans and programs, improving the effectiveness of teaching/studying process, recommendations on exchanging the experiences and using modern pedagogical and informative technologies in education. The objective of the cooperation is working out studybooks, scientific and methodical works, conducting seminars and lectures, improving the teaching process.

Address: 61002, Ukraine, city Kharkov, st.Frunze 21, NTU "XPI",

department of  Computing Machinery and Programming

Phone: 38 (057) 7076165, 38 (057) 7076198,  38 (099) 9119113(mobile)

Honorary Professor:Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Leonov Sergey Yurievich,




Volgograd. Cooperation is being conducted with Architecture and Construction Institute. A good alternative can be the stands of the laboratory "Computer Management of Technological Processes", "Automatic Control System".

Address: 400074, Volgograd city, St.Academicians 1.

Phone: (8442) 969826 Fax: (8442) 974933


Honorary Professor: Professor of the department of Geodesy,  Anopine Vladimir Nikoaevich