The department conducts all its activities in constant cooperation with departments close to the field in a number of higher educational institutions of our republic, state agencies, large scientific planning organizations, because as a producing department, "Land Cadastre and prepares bachelors in "land use" and masters in "Land resources use and management". In particular, in the last 2022/2023 academic year, the department trained 101 bachelors in "Land cadastre and land use" and 19 masters in "Land resources use and management".

In the preparation of the above-mentioned personnel, the customers of these personnel, in particular, "Cadastre Agency" and its regional offices, "Uzdaverloyikha" republican scientific planning institute and its branches in the regions, and "Central Aerogeodesiya" enterprise are constantly cooperating with us. All students who graduated from the department work in these enterprises. The 3rd and 4th year students of the "Land Cadastre and Land Use" educational direction will pass their production and graduation internships in these enterprises. In addition, a number of students of these courses go to study at these enterprises after classes in order to learn production. In addition, professors and teachers of the department regularly visit these enterprises as 1st or 2nd week internships in order to improve their practical skills, and get acquainted with the work being done in production. For this purpose, "Cadastre Agency" and "Uzdaverloyiha" Scientific Design Institute, "Central Aerogeodesia" enterprises concluded 5 year mutual cooperation agreements with the department. . In particular, the department has established cooperation with the Moscow State University of Land Management. Professors of the department A.Chertovitsky, S.Avezboyev and associate professor A.Babazhanov studied at this university in post-graduate and doctoral studies and completed their defenses at this university. The department has cooperative relations with the department of the Karshi Institute of Economic Engineering and the department of the Samarkand State University of Architecture and Construction.

Cooperation relations of the department


 Partner organizations

The essence of cooperation


Moscow State Land Engineering University

Internship of professors, professional development, training of scientific personnel


Obuda University (Hungary)

Basic doctoral studies, internships, professional development


University of Salzburg, Austria (Austria)

Master's degree, master's internship, professional development


" Uzdaverloyiha " SISD

Production practice, pre-graduation practice, joint SRW


Enterprise "Central Aerogeodesia".

Production practice, pre-graduation practice, joint SRW


"Soil Composition and Repository, Quality Analysis Center"

Production practice, pre-graduation practice, joint SRW