Land Use

Babajanov Allabergan Roʻzimovich

Head of the Department of Land Use

Теl.:  +99871-237-19-47




In 1947  there  was founded  the department  of  «Landconstructional  projecting» and today it is one  of the specialized departments of the faculty. And it was named as «Land use and Land cadaster» department.  The first founder of the department was Ivan Klementevich Baranov, a candidate of economical sciences and docent. He  is also an Honored Land Planner of  Uzbekistan. He headed the department from 1947 to 1971. Since 1971 the department was headed by his disciples, a candidate of economical sciences, docent Abdullah ToshpulatovichAbdurazzakovand  a candidate of economical sciences, docent RishatAbdurahmanovichSafagariev, In 1996-2009 the department was headed by doctor of economical sciences, professorSagdulaAvezbaev. In 2008-2010 the head of department was a senior teacher A. Gofurov. In 2010-2012 it was headed by senior teacher A.Mukumov, from 2013 to 2014 the department was headed by docent M.Tulaganov. In 2015-2016 years it was leaded again by senior teacher A.Mukumov. Since November, 2016 the department is being headed by candidate of economical sciences, docent A.Babajanov.  For the organization and development of the department worked some specialists of industry as  I.Baranov, V.Bulkin, P.Kulikovski, A.Shipilova and the first graduates of the faculty R.Safagariev and  V.Ermakov. The first candidates of sciences of the faculty were the members of «Landconstructional projecting» department. They are:I.Baranov and V.Artomonov. For the  achievements in scientific sphere there was given a title of docent to A.Shipilova and M. Mishinu and P.Kulikovski. In following years the number of teachers was increased by talented graduates of the department. In 1969-1980 years A. Abdurazzakov, V. Kaygorodov, R.Safagariev, S. Avezbaev graduated from post-graduate courses and succesfully defended their dissertations on candidate degree. In 1985-1995 docent A.Babajanov, docent  K.Rakhmanov, docent M.Azizov joined the department. In 1992 A.Chertovitskiy successfully graduated  from post graduate courses of  Moscow state University.  In following years Professor S.Avezbaev and academician of the Academy of Agricultural sciences S. Volkova published studybooks in the Uzbek language. They are: «Landconstructional projecting», «Scientific basics of Landconstruction»,  «Economics of Land use». At the department it is being prepared a high qualified specialists in the sphere of  Land  use, use  management of  land resources and land cadaster.  And, also it is being conducted a large scale of scientific researches according to the modern requirements.

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