The faculty was founded in 1945 under the name “Land Development” at the Tashkent Institute of Engineers of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization (TIII). From 2004 to 2018, he worked under the title Land Use and Land Cadastre.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 8, 2018 No. 3702, it operates under the name “Land Management”.

The faculty is a leader in the preparation of highly qualified personnel in the field of land management, land cadastre, geodesy, geoinformatics, cartography and state cadastres. The first head of the department was M.N. Maslov, then the senior teacher P.K.Tatur, associate professors Yu.K.Baranov, V.S.Artamonov, ANNazirov, A.T. Abdurazzokov, professor O.Ramazonov, associate professor K. Rakhmanov, professor S.Avezbaev and associate professor Z.Mukimov they did. Since 2019, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Sh. Narbayev is the head of the department. The faculty included the department "Geodesy" in the following years: "Land Design", "Design and Improvement of Rural Settlements", "Aerofoto-Geodesy", "Soil Science and Agriculture", "Land Management and Land Relations" The departments "Land Registry" were created And Cartography. The faculty has the following faculties:


  • Geodesy and geoinformatics

  • Land use

  • State inventories

  • Higher mathematics

  • Soil science and agriculture

There are 7 doctors of science, professors, 24 candidates of science, associate professors, 34 senior teachers and assistants.

Professors and qualified professors A.Chertovsky, S.Avezbaev, B.Hudoyorov, A.Altiev, U.Nigmadzhanov, associate professors K.Rakhmonov, I.Musaev, A.Babadzhanov, Sh.Larbaev, H.Khaitov, Sh.Lakaev, R .Oymatov, S.Abdurahmonov, A.Inamov, U.Mukhtarov and qualified teachers conduct student training.

In order to ensure close ties with the production in the field of land management and land cadastre, geodesy and geoinformatics, state cadastres, to inform students and improve professional skills of the teaching staff, as well as to organize training and production practices, Davyrgeodezkadastr is in constant cooperation.

Students studying at the faculty will be able to study at the military department on a competitive basis.


The faculty is preparing 4 undergraduate and 2 master's specialities included in the "Directions of higher education and qualifications specialization."