The faculty was established in 1945 under the name “Land formation” as part of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers. Since 2022, the “Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers” has been operating as the “Land Resources and Cadaster” faculty of the National Research University. The faculty is a leading place in the republic for training highly educated personnel in the fields of land resources management, land planning, land cadaster, geodesy, geoinformatics, cartography and cadaster. When the faculty was first established, its first head was Associate Professor M.N. Maslov, and later Professor P.K.Tatur, Associate Professors J.K. Since 2019, PhD, associate professor Sh.K. Narbaev has been leading the faculty. Today, the faculties of “Land resources management”, “Geodesy and geoinformatics”, “State cadastres”, “Soil science and agriculture” and “Higher mathematics” are operating at the faculty. In the departments, scientists and accomplished professors who make their worthy contribution to the development of our republic, A. Chertovitskiy, S. Avezbaev, A. Ramazanov, A. Altiev, K. Rahmonov, B. Khudayarov, T. Ergashev, U. Nigmadjanov, Sh. Salomov, associate professors, I. Musaev, A. Babajanov, O. Khakberdiev, Sh. Narbaev, H. Khayitov, S. Abdurakhmanov, R. Oymatov, A. Inamov, O. Rozikulova, Sh. Shakirov, Sh. Rahmonov Sh. Bobokulov, S. Roziboev, O'. Mukhtorov, V. Vakhobov, N. Yuldashev, O. Kucharov, H. Komilova, F. Toraev, R. Egamberdiev, O. Sindarov, J. Khayitboeva and other qualified professors and teachers provide knowledge and education to students. In the faculty, organic relations have been established with production practices in the areas of land resources management, land cadaster, land surveying, geodesy and cartography, geoinformatics and remote sensing of the earth. Together with partner enterprises and organizations, to provide quality education to students, to organize training sessions and educational practices using modern techniques and technologies, and to improve the qualifications of professors and teachers, to strengthen science-education-production integration, as well as In order to ensure the implementation of the tasks specified in the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 10, 2021 “On measures to fundamentally improve the system of engineering personnel training for economic sectors on the basis of innovation and digitization” PQ-42 Effective work is being carried out with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture, the “Uzdavierloyiha” scientific-design institute, the Cadaster Agency under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Forestry Agency and enterprises and organizations in its system.