Scientific work

Scientific articles prepared by the department are published in scientific journals of the republic and abroad. Over the past 10 years, the staff of the department has published more than 100 scientific articles in scientific journals of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. During this period, 2 dissertations were defended at the department, 14 textbooks, more than 75 methodological recommendations, more than 280 scientific articles were published.

Subject of scientific work

Purpose and tasks of work


Optimizing land and crop types in organizing the use of drylands

In order to solve the issue of optimization of land and crop areas in the organization of dry land use, development of special experimental domestic land creation projects depending on the dry land region and determination of the optimized amounts of land types and crop areas in these projects and organization of dry land use based on these projects in the future it was proved to be effective


Reclamation of damaged lands

organizational and technical aspects

The organizational and technical aspects of the recultivation of disturbed lands will be improved using modern technologies, resource-saving and efficient methods based on the sustainable increase of the production volume will be developed in determining directions for the recultivation of disturbed lands.


Development of a land use system for specialized farms in horticulture"


It consists of developing scientific and practical recommendations for optimizing the area of ​​horticultural farms, aimed at regulating use of them in the agricultural region of the republic, specializing in horticulture, and presenting them to projecting  organizations