The department has implemented the state grant program for young scientists for 2018 2019 under the state scientific and technical programs. As a result of this work, the following were obtained:
• Creation of conceptual foundations of the strategy of liberalization of organizational economic mechanisms of use of dekhkan and household lands;
• Lectures at international and national scientific-practical seminars, conferences on the subject, published a number of scientific articles;
• Prepared materials for the implementation of the survey results in land use practices and the learning process, and collaborated with stakeholders in this field.
In 2019, the State Budget has been completed to determine the economic potential and economic value of farmland in the context of limited water distribution in Uzbekistan. The department is currently preparing 2 research papers to address the urgent problems of agricultural land use in the Ministry of Innovation for the next 2020 state grants. As a result of research in 2019 the department published two monographs, one textbook and 24 scientific articles in journals recognized by the HAC.