January 14 is the Day of Defenders Motherland

Under the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Defining the Day of Defenders of the Motherland" of January 14, 1992, it has become a special tradition to celebrate 14 January - the Day of Defenders of the Motherland as a national holiday. It is not accidental. Our peaceful life safeguarded by our Armed Forces today, and we should be able to raise our respect for our sons diligent in fulfilling this responsible duty and committed to prosperous our development.

Khurram Burievich Eshov is one of such noblemen who made at the faculty of Land Management for the future of our society, is a visitor of our event. Our guest can glorify the greatness of our Motherland, people, ancestors and great thinkers around the world, educate young people in the sense of military-patriotism, and construct a huge forthcoming for the clear-fledged, healthy, prepared and committed children. One of the most effective tasks of our life is to instill a sense of motherland in the hearts of everybody living in our country, to become one center of material and spiritual culture of Uzbekistan for thousands of years. With such selfless children, our confidence in tomorrow will grow. As the First President emphasized, “… today Uzbekistan has a modern, compact, mobile, well-armed, the national army capable of safeguarding the stability and security of our land, the inviolability of our borders, and the peaceful life of our people. We have a basis.” He informed our students.

We likewise congratulate our military on this blessed holiday and wish them peace and health. As ever, do your best to make the sky of our homeland clear!

Chief of the Press Service of the Institute Rakhimboy Djumaniyazov