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Innovative project:

 Creating a database of land cadastre based on sensory landmarks



The purpose of the project: Currently there are no land boundaries, except for state borders. Due to this situation, thousands of violations of land laws, various disputes, uncertainty and distrust of land information, and unauthorized occupation of land by the land users continue to exist in each district.

Currently, the Republic of Uzbekistan's 44.9 million hectares of land are used by 6.6 million acres of land and state reserves. Of course, the land is in the hands of the land users, the total number of which is about 6 million. In the world practice, the most advanced land surveillance solution has not yet been available. A practical solution to this innovative idea is being made for the first time in Uzbekistan.

Project content: Land use organization based on the establishment of sensory boundaries can be transferred to reliable, reliable sources of land cadastre. It is observed that the cost of installing border markers is 2-3 times more effective than in the traditional case.